Dear Colleagues;

It is a complete pleasure for me to host the Transplantation 2012 Congress will be organized with Turkish Transplantation Centers Coordination Association. We suppose that there will be a great amount of national and international participation to our congress to which we believe that the Uludag University will brighten with its 25 years of experience at organ transplantation. Bursa will show a satisfying hospitality to out congress participants with its historical and natural beauties, economic, cultural, social potential and because of being the 4th largest city of our country.

and because of being the 4th largest city of our country. My dear colleagues at our congress during which the developments provided at organ transplantation and solutions of the encountered problems will be discussed, we are giving all to make the organ transplantation doctors of our country have unforgettable moments. National and international well known speakers are invited in the program in which the courses and all related branches of transplantation take place within the congress. Besides, we also gave a considerable place to insufficiency at organ donation that the subject will be discussed in details regarding the present problems and solutions. Hereby I will be glad to invite the organ transplantation doctors of our country to our congress


Prof.Dr. Kamil DİLEK
Rector of Uludag University
Congress Chairman

Dear Colleagues,

We realise the  IX. Congress of Turkish Transplantation Centers Coordination Association (TTCDA) between 26 – 29 September, 2012 at Bursa.

When we say organ transplantation we thought about knowledge, energy, organizational power and team work. On the other hand congresses are the meeting where knowledge and effort is shared. Organ transplantation congresses are the intensive organizations during which knowledge and energies are shared in a multidisciplinary way.

Until today all the congresses were realised with high scientific importance and they have contributed to the health policies of our country concerning this matter with the contributions of international associations and scientists.

At this congress besides our aim of the knowledge sharing with the contributions of scientists from our country and abroad we also aim to contribute our young colleagues through multidisciplinary courses.

We await you at Bursa at our congress which will be as good as the previous ones.


Prof.Dr. Bülent Oktay
Congress Co-chair

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